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Our Story

Our Story

About Yavapai Emergency Animal Hospital

With the coronavirus pandemic raging and much of the nation in lockdown, the summer of 2020 didn’t seem the most auspicious time to launch a veterinary practice.

But when northern Arizona’s only veterinary emergency hospital abruptly closed its doors that June, leaving the region’s pets and their families without this vital resource, practice manager Nikki Frost and Drs. Amie Dow and Barbara Batke quickly mobilized to open a new practice. Yavapai Emergency Animal Hospital opened its doors on July 1, 2020. 

Today, YEAH is a thriving, full-service facility providing 24/7 emergency and critical care for dogs and cats throughout Prescott Valley. Staffed by a team of 7 highly skilled doctors and more than 50 veterinary technicians, assistants, and support staff, YEAH sets a new standard for high-quality, highly individualized emergency veterinary care in this region.
Our founders’ rapid response to the community’s need for this level of care is a testament to YEAH’s nimbleness—an attribute made possible by the fact that YEAH is independently owned. This freedom from corporate oversight enables us to set our own priorities:

Emphasize employee well-being with such amenities as a wellness coach, childcare and higher-than-average staffing levels to reduce the risk of professional burnout. We even prepare healthy meals for those on the clock.

Provide exceptional, individualized care to pets and their owners by investing in the best people and state-of-the-art equipment.

Lighten the workload of overworked general practices as a trusted resource for emergency care and overnight hospitalization.

Invest in our community, including having a dedicated community liaison who’s empowered to listen and act. 

Meet Our Team

Let us introduce you to the amazing people who make YEAH such a remarkable place to get and give emergency veterinary care.

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