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Pet Parents Overview

Pet Parents Overview

For pet parents: What you need to know

At Yavapai Emergency Animal Hospital, we go above and beyond to give your pet superior medical care. We also understand how stressful a medical emergency can be, so we also give you a healthy dose of empathy and support when you need it most.

What to expect during an emergency visit to YEAH

When you arrive, we’ll meet you in the lobby and quickly bring your pet to an exam room for triage (we ask you to remain in the waiting area so our team can work as efficiently as possible).

  • Triage means we conduct a preliminary assessment to determine the urgency of your pet’s need for treatment and what treatment is required.
  • Triage also enables us to ensure your pet’s condition is stable before we gather additional information from you.

After triage, a veterinary technician will meet with you and obtain your pet’s medical history. Next, one of our doctors will perform a full physical exam and meet with you to share findings, answer questions, and discuss treatment options and next steps.

Based on the proposed care plan, the veterinary technician will compile an itemized estimate and review it with you, confirm your approval, and take payment so these services can begin.

At discharge, the veterinary technician will review home care, medication, and follow-up instructions. The final invoice will be reviewed and reconciled, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

After discharge, we’ll forward your pet’s medical record to your primary care veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If time allows, reach out to your primary care veterinarian who may have same-day appointments available for urgent care. If not, or if it’s after regular office hours, bring your pet to YEAH. No appointment is ever necessary for emergency care.

Although it’s not required, we do appreciate a phone call to let us know you’re on the way. This enables us to obtain information and prepare for your pet’s arrival. Also, some situations may require us to provide guidance about keeping your pet in your vehicle with potential contagions or instructions for caring for your pet during transport. 

Nothing is required but, if available, these items can aid diagnosis and treatment:
  • A list of your pet’s current medications
  • Your pet’s medical records
  • Sample/remnants of any potential toxin or material your pet ingested
  • Biological samples for testing if directed (e.g, feces, vomit)

Wait times can vary based on how many patients are in our hospital and the severity of their illnesses/injuries. Many ER visits take less than 2 hours; however, sometimes visits can be longer. We appreciate your patience and understanding and ask that you trust our triage process to ensure your pet’s wait time is safe and appropriate for their condition.

If you’re wondering whether to bring your pet to YEAH, simply call us at 928-460-7282 any time, day or night. Some general reasons why pets receive emergency medical care include:

  • Labored breathing, excessive panting, persistent cough
  • Vomiting (if persistent, bloody or nonproductive)
  • Pain (your pet has trouble getting comfortable, cries, loses their appetite, shakes)
  • Gums are white, gray or blue instead of their normal pink
  • Diarrhea, especially if persistent or bloody
  • Excessive sleepiness or cannot be roused
  • Pet doesn’t eat or drink for more than 24 hours 
  • Difficult labor

You’re welcome to visit us anytime you’re worried about your pet’s health and your primary care veterinarian isn’t available. We can take on the role of an urgent care facility or an emergency room. Please understand, however, that pets with minor health issues will be seen after those with more urgent needs, and wait times may be longer.

As an emergency animal hospital, YEAH doesn’t provide ongoing, routine medical care. But we’re happy to provide a list of primary care practices in the area that you can contact for vaccines, spay/neuter, dental care, wellness exams, and age-related screenings.

Taking care of business:
Paying for your pet’s care

We aim to be completely transparent about our costs, and we offer several options for paying for your pet’s care.

Taking care of paperwork: Registration/intake forms

For faster processing when you arrive, it’s helpful if you can complete and submit our online patient registration form in advance of your visit.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to reach out. We’re here for you and your pet–always.

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